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take me as you find me.


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nothing at the moment.
shoo fly

please go away.
i've had enough.

don't bother me.

shoo fly

this blog is officially closed because i found the joy of using livejournal.

please RELINK (:
thank you very muchhyy.

and for those who have yet to set up a facebook account, i think everyone should have one!
with love,

don't bother me.

shoo fly

change my blogger to livejournal.
see how free i am! ):

people, remember to relink.
nopi: thanks for the encouragement :D


it's here.

don't bother me.

shoo fly

thank you bernie for listening to me rant in lectures or in class when i am down or in a very emo mood or in a whatever mood! you've been a blessing to me in so so many ways. i love you to bits :D study hard k! we must whoop the rest of their asses in exams :D :D
pupupupu, haha. you've been ever so funny in class :D work hard k and your english rocks my socks as always! HEH :D but remember we all love you even if we disturb you like crazy in class! pu pu pu cheeka pu pu pu cheeka pu forever :D

1B07: i will personally say something about each of you soon cos you guys are so wonderful! :D its bernie&pupu first, then the rest but i love you all the same. :D anyhow, thanks for making my stay in TP ever so loverly.

i know i've not been keeping to my promise of staying away from the computer for 2 weeks. its ultra hard. everytime, i take a break from studying (like now), i will go straight to my computer. HAHA. i admit i am a computer addict.

i can't wait for exams to be over. can't you see its killing me. i think i put in more effort then O levels(or maybe not, cos i can't remember a thing about O levels). i can't believe it lah.

friday: accounts paper, tuesday is POM: wednesday: econs, thursday: CSA till 11.30am, then its FREEDOM, friday: go back to sec school. sat: bye singapore again :D:D:D:D i can't wait for exams to be O V E R. for all you who care for me, pray that i will do ok in my exams yeah. THANKS YOUS MANYS MANYS!

i guess its time to go back to studying. my classmates are bloody muggers, mug from 11am-3am. i am not naming names, right TZEMING & MOUSE (: haha. crazy asses.

blame exams!

don't bother me.

shoo fly

i need to rant and rave.
i feel like dying, i have SO SO SO much studying to do now. parents think i am not studying, makes me very very angry when they say that, makes it even worse when i try and study after that. if i get bad results, i will DIE. i am really trying, but they say i am not. i really dont know what i should do sometimes. i mug at night, when they're asleep! but they say all i do is laze around. like whatlah. sometimes, i just want to run away, and never come back.
i am tired, of putting up an act.
well, i guess its just me.
this made me feel better.

don't bother me.

shoo fly

i know i said the that ytd was the last post, but i couldnt resist lah (:
we had comm skills presentation today.
think we did not bad (:
everything's finished, time to study!

some pictures :D

meet pupu(:
so cute right!

when mat emo meets cheena emo (:


the girls i heart in 1B07 (:

zhong zhong zhong (:

two comm skills group that finished their presentation today (:

the lovely girls, heart many many.

nice photo of us!


a nice one again.

that's about it.

don't bother me.

shoo fly

today will be the last time i blog till 2 weeks time (:
exams are drawing nearer each day.
i havent even finished one subject yet!
and my aim is to get A for the exams to pull up my pathetic coursework!

results out, only left with POM.
econs a C+, accounts A, CSA A, comm skills B(w/o presentation).
stupid econs, need to buck up like crazy!

tomorrow is the last presentation for this semester! finally after so long, its all done. looking back, i feel that i've learnt how to cope with school work and everything. learn how to rely on yourself and not tuition teachers for help learn how to work with people alot better and also learn how to make new friends! i can safely say that i've grown up a bit more. (:

anyway, here's a short paragraph to my groupies! hey guys, we've finally made is through. after all the arguing and different ideas, we've gotten closer yeah! so i want to apologise to anyone who's been insulted or hurt by what i've said or done! SORRY! our last presentation is tomorrow, so JIA YOU(: love you all many many :D

so see you in 2 weeks.
wish me luck :D

don't bother me.

shoo fly

曖昧讓人受盡委屈 找不到相愛的證據
何時該前進 何時該放棄 連擁抱都沒有勇氣
只能陪你到這裡 畢竟有些事不可以
超過了友情 還不到愛情 遠方就要下雨的風景
到底該不該哭泣 想太多是我還是你
我很不服氣 也開始懷疑
眼前的人 是不是同一個 真實的你
*曖昧讓人受盡委屈 找不到相愛的證據
何時該前進 何時該放棄 連擁抱都沒有勇氣
曖昧讓人變得貪心 直到等待失去意義
無奈我和你 寫不出結局 放遺憾的美麗 停在這裡*
repeat *

i've become slightly CHEENA emo (too bad for those who cant read chinese words on their com), since everyone has changed to english emo, i shall not follow the trend. and start a new trend, although i know i am like 2 years too late, but who cares (:
but seriously, this song is superly nice.
thank you mr nice guy, ang ben yun, for finding the lyrics for me and for explaining parts of the song i didnt understand! HAHA. :D

bangkok was oh so fun.
mummy says i can go back again, cos i have yet to finish shopping.
CHATUCHAK,MBK & i wanna go to see more.
sorry bernie, wasnt able to find the pants, december! :D
we stayed in this service apartment thing.
which is in the middle of everything (:

its back to school work now.
i will be grounding myself from the computer and going out.
the computer grounding will start once my comm skills presentation is done.
so i will blog alot less for the 2 weeks!
i hope i get all my studying done man! (:
after that is, concentrate on losing weight.

get ready for a picture spam.
pictures from bangkok! :D more coming soon!

all da ladies (:

i had a better shot.
me learning tennis.
gonna pick it up soon (:

the best!


a.lily, a.simone,mummy.

this light thingy is made out of silk worm cacoons, how cool is that!

the coolest parents in the world.
i heart them many many (:

(the twins)

the taxis we used.

all of us that went, excluding u.saw&daddy.

me, with the tourist look. (:

this is like a "cool" shot.
we were checking out the hotel's toilets.

i dunno why, but i like this shot.


the view.

the apartment.

the apartment.

the bedroom.

the bedroom.

(the 2nd pair of twins)

me with leon's shades.

stupid face with sister (:

another stupid face.

the not black and white version.

till next time(:
KAPKOONKAP!(thank you in thai)
dunno if i spelt it right!

don't bother me.

shoo fly

project results are going to be announced next week.
damn scared lah.
got back one ald, comm skills.
a miserable B for it.
can't even get an A ):
work so hard get a B.
i seriously think she hates us.
it starts on the 9th of sept.
hopefully, i'll follow through with it.
i've got to stop running away.
i need to face it.
on a lighter note,
i'm off to bangkok tomorrow.
bye singapore,
hello shopping!
pictures of baptism.
seriously, i look damn fat in all the photos.
my motivation to losing weight. (:


damn ugly.

damn ugly.

family family.

damn ugly.

i've been putting on weight. ):
thus the reason why i wanna lose weight.
understand my woes?

don't bother me.

shoo fly

it sucks that sometimes they don't understand.
it sucks to be under so much pressure.
sometimes, i just feel like giving up.
it seems like a never ending race.

anyway, here are pictures as promised. (:

girl photo 1(:


girl photo 2(:

when 2 groups combine.

the guys and their favourite letter.


good job guys! :D

we are professionals.
my dearest 1B07 classmates(:


just the three of us (:

ok, the pictures make me laugh.
<3 all you people in 1B07 (:

don't bother me.